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I grew up in a family of engineers, and studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. While looking for a “real” job post-graduation, I took a job doing technical recruiting in an IT Staffing firm (mainly because it paid better than waiting tables and I didn’t have to leave work smelling like greasy food). Months later when I finally received and offer of employment as an engineer, I somewhat flippantly made the decision to stick with recruiting. I didn’t know it at the time, but I think this is one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever (flippantly) made. I did well in school because I worked hard at it, but recruiting, especially in combination with a strong analytical background, plays much better to my natural strengths.

The rest is history – I’ve lead recruiting initiatives at ReadyTalk, LivingSocial, Amazon, and Redfin.  Most recently (before starting Flywheel Talent Strategy, formerly Growth Talent Advisors), I spent two years building Convoy’s Recruiting and HR practices, scaling the company more than 1200% during that time. My work over the last 14 years has highlighted that my talents and interests lie in helping companies scale through high-growth phases.  

Outside of client work I do some public speaking, and am easily recognizable by my pompadour haircut (I’m often told I look like P!nk, which is a HUGE compliment!). I’m passionate about equality, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace, and appreciate that the role of Recruiting and HR in any company is uniquely positioned to impact these areas directly.  

Outside of Work

Outside of work I am a huge foodie, and love to cook and explore the great foodie scene seattle has to offer.  I am competitive about silly things like baking, even compete in (and have won) local bake-offs.  The great outdoors offer a nice change from my urban life, and I try to get out to hike and camp on a regularly cadence.  I love to travel the world, and at any given time am planning multiple trips for the future. During the week, I am often spotted around Belltown with my dog, Stella.  

Nicole Maddox in the News

Featured in GeekWire

“Nicole Maddox said she’s learned that a key part of helping recruit top talent is “earning that first conversation.” She advised startups to go through their investor network and ask for introductions to possible employees; attending events, getting involved with the community, and simply scouring through LinkedIn are also ways to improve “outbound sourcing,” as Maddox described it.”

Featured in Talent Management

“Nicole Maddox said whenever she considers taking a recruiting effort global, her first step is figuring out which country will have the largest amount of best candidates. “A lot of times, I’ll start with a Google search of where people are looking for specific types of jobs,”

Featured in Glassdoor

“The visa process is such a huge part of the international recruiting process, and it can get really complicated,” Nicole Maddox says. She notes that some countries, including Australia, Singapore and Chile are relatively easy to navigate, while others, including Israel, can be exceptionally complex.”  

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