Meet Flywheel Talent Strategy (formerly Growth Talent Advisors)

Meet Flywheel Talent Strategy (formerly Growth Talent Advisors)

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Meet Flywheel Talent Strategy (formerly Growth Talent Advisors).

Flywheel empowers small companies to build hiring momentum through deliberate and effective recruiting strategies.

Flywheel is led by Nicole Maddox and Lauren Springer. We have 25+ years of combined experience building and scaling recruiting teams in the PNW, and are excited to partner to serve growing businesses at home and across the country.

The decision to rebrand GTA as Flywheel Talent Strategy was born out of a desire to more accurately reflect the impact of our work. When businesses partner with us, they build momentum that, with continued care, will power their recruiting machine through times of extraordinary growth and adversity.

Business leaders turn to Flywheel Talent Strategy when they are:

  • Looking to create a recruiting function that consistently hires the right talent.
  • Under significant pressure to hire more quickly.
  • Committed to building a diverse workforce.
  • Struggling with low offer acceptance rates.
  • Facing threats from not being able to meet their software or sales milestones.
  • Disappointed with sub par recruiting results and want help.
  • Frustrated by increasing recruiting costs and ready to take action.
  • Grappling with misalignment between interviewers and hiring managers stymying their ability to hire.

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