Flywheel Talent Strategy is a Seattle-based consulting company focused on recruiting. Our mission is to empower small companies to build hiring momentum through deliberate, efficient, and stage-appropriate recruiting strategies.

How We Help

Workforce Planning

Determine what roles you need to fill and by when to reach your goals.

Interview Best Practices

Develop the right processes for your company to assess talent and mitigate risk.

Systems Implementation & Training

From selection to implementation and training, we help you acquire the right tools.

Recruiting Dashboards & Analytics

Know what to track and how to leverage your recruiting data for better decision-making.

Recruiter & Interviewer Training

Create and deploy training such as behavioral interviewing, unconscious bias, how to sell pre-IPO stock, and more.

Building Diverse Teams

Sourcing strategies that focus on inviting qualified, diverse talent into your recruiting process.


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